May is HD Awareness Month

Each May as part of Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America reaches out beyond the HD Community to share the stories of how people face the devastation of HD.  Some of these "Faces of HD" are people with HD. Others are caregivers helping a loved one. Also included are the experiences of doctors, researchers, social workers and public servants who have been touched by this disease. All of these courageous "Faces" help us convey the message that HD is a disease of the family, with ramifications for the entire community, to gather more support, more volunteers and greater awareness of Huntington's. A new Face is featured on national website every day in May, and emailed to the community as well.

Everyone can help HDSA make May is Huntington's is May Awareness Month a success by participating in one or more of the following programs.

Help the Faces of HD Campaign go viral.

Each day in May please forward the "Face of HD" you receive via email to friends and relatives and ask them to help support HDSA. You can also easily share the daily "Face of HD' on your Facebook page by clicking on the link to Facebook at the bottom of each "Faces of HD" story.  

Support HDSA's programs to improve the quality of life of everyone affected by HD.

From the new HDSA Human Biology Research Program to the HDSA Centers of Excellence, support groups, social workers, educational events, websites, publications and other community services,  HDSA programs and services directly impact the day-to-day life for the 30,000 people diagnosed and 250,000 at risk in the U.S. Please make a donation to allow us to continue to increase our programs and services and reach more members of the HD community. Click here to make a special May is HD Awareness Month donation.

Participate in an HDSA Event this May.

From Team Hope Walk events to educational events to formal galas, there are many HDSA events to attend this month. To find an event you can attend please click here.

Help bring an HDSA May Awareness Event to Your Workplace

 HDSA has created a fun event that you can hold at your place of employment. In Your Genes, is a day in which your fellow employees are allowed to dress casually (in their jeans) in exchange for making a donation to HDSA.

Official May is HD Awareness Month Proclamations

Many state and municipal governments show their recognition and support of the work done by HDSA Chapters and Affiliates by offering Proclamations declaring May as HD Awareness Month in their locale.

Shop for HD!

It's easy to treat yourself and support HDSA at the same time. Consider these partnerships in support of our mission:

     •  iGive—For every purchase made through your iGive Account
        (to vendors like Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel)
        up to 26% of the purchase price is donated back to HDSA.  Click Here     •—Pay tribute to mom on Mother's Day, or celebrate one
        of life's many occasions. Click Here
     •  HDSA Marketplace—Help build awareness every day by wearing
         HDSA-logoed merchandise. All proceeds support HDSA programs
         and services.To reach the HDSA Marketplace click here.

To make a donation to support  HDSA’s fight to improve the lives of everyone who's a Face of HD and their families please click here


Other Ways to Give

Make your online purchases count. For each purchase made up to 26% is donated back to HDSA. Click here for more information.

Vehicle Donation Program

Donate your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle to the Huntington's Disease Society of America.
Click here for more information

HDSA Online Store

Purchase HDSA Apparel and support HDSA.
Click here to order our new awareness bracelets Today!!



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