HDSA Utah Affiliate Resources

HDSA Utah Medical Resources:

University of Utah: Please contact Paola at 801-851-4543 or paola.wall@hsc.utah.edu


HDSA Utah Support group

Meets:2nd Thursday of the Month

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Imaging & Neuroscienes Center 729 Arapreen Drive, Salt Lake City, UT Conference Room 1153

Questions? Contact Palola at 801-851-4543 or paola.wall@hsc.utah.edu


Affiliate Leader: KayCee Burnside 



Pacific Southwest Regional Director: Natalie Carpenter at ncarpenter@hdsa.org or 949.542.3907


Affiliate Facebook page HERE: 

Interested in Volunteering for the Utah Affiliate?

Please contact Natalie at ncarpenter@hdsa.org or 949.542.3907