How to Participate


There are several ways that you can participate in the Run to Cure HD:

Join the Team:

No one can do it alone. That's why everyone who registers for the Run to Cure HD is automatically a member of Team Hope. As a member of Team Hope you know that you are never alone in the fight against HD.


Become a Team Captain and Start Your Own Team:

Help make Team Hope bigger by becoming an official Team Captain and forming your own team. Recruit friends, family members, community organizations and co-workers to come out and run or walk with you. Forming a team is a great way for your company to show it cares while building company morale among its co-workers or build up your community's spirits.

Click here for more information about teams




If you don't want to walk or run but still want to be a member of Team Hope, then volunteering is for you. There are a number of great volunteer opportunities available.Volunteering as a group is even more fun so get your friends and family to come out with you!

Click here for a volunteer sign up form



Sponsor the Team:

Provide even more hope by becoming an official sponsor of the Run to Cure HD. As a sponsor, your organization can show the community that it really does want to make a difference. Click here for more information about sponsorship opportunities.



More Information About Run/Walk Teams:

Teams represent companies, organizations, families, schools and clubs. Led by a Team Captain, walk teams can range from four to hundreds of walkers! Teams generally fall within the following categories:

  • Family & Community Teams: Families, friends, civic organizations and schools can join together to raise money to provide help and hope. These teams are tremendously successful, bringing a passion to the event like no other team can.
  • Corporate Teams: Large corporations, small companies and firms all make an essential contribution to the Team Hope's success all while enjoying the benefits that only come when your employees join together in a common cause.
  • National Teams: These special teams have taken the extra step and have committed to walking at multiple sites around the nation. National teams can be Family & Community Teams or Corporate Teams. Click here for more information.

Team Benefits:

  • Personalized Service - You and your team will receive a number of special benefits including Team Captains Kit, Team Banner and Team Page
  • Increased Company Morale & Community Visibility - Promote organizational pride by demonstrating to your members and their communities that it does care about its welfare and will support worthwhile causes
  • Team Work - Builds a sense of team spirit that comes only when members join together to obtain a common goal
  • Camaraderie - Provides a fun and social activity for employees and their families. Best of all, its completely turn-key and cost-effective
  • Provides Hope- By forming a team, your organization is providing hope to the thousands of American families who live daily with the devastating effects of Huntington's Disease.