Fundraising Tips and Tools

Fundraising is fun and rewarding, so we thought we would provide you a few tips on how you can help raise money for the Run to Cure HD!

Set a goal: This simple act is an important fundraising success factor. The average walker raises $100; make it your goal to beat the average!

Achieve your Goal: It's not hard if you remember your ABCs!

A. Start by using your online personal page and sponsor yourself for $25.
B. Ask two family members to sponsor you for $20 each.
C. Ask 5-10 friends or co-workers to contribute $10 each.
D. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50. E. Ask one business you frequent for $25.

Take the Club Hope Challenge: Now that you made your goal, join Club Hope by setting a new goal to raise $1,000 and spread the hope. Conduct your own fundraising campaign by using your personal page to send out e-mails and mail letters to your friends. You can even use one of our great wrap mini-fundraisers to boost your bucks!

Double your dollars: Ask if your employer has a matching gifts program. And ask your donors if their employers will match their gifts.

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