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Thank you for participating in the Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s Team Hope Walk program. Your support of the Team Hope Walk program allows HDSA to provide programs that help people with Huntington’s disease and their loved ones find the care and support they need. More than a local fundraiser, Team Hope Walks are a time for the entire community to join together in a day of camaraderie, inspiration and above all, hope.

If you have not yet registered for a Team Hope Walk near you, below are simple instructions to guide you through the registration process. Encourage your family members, friends and co-workers to walk with you or join a walk in their community.

Step One: Find a Walk and Register

Follow the steps below to register for your nearest Team Hope Walk:

  1. Click a walk location on the menu to the left.
  2. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups from
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Register'
  4. Sign in to your FirstGiving or Facebook account or fill in your information and create a new account.
  5. Follow the registration instructions.
  6. Create a personal and team fundraising page.
  7. You can also click on your state on the map at the bottom of this page to find a walk near you.

If you do not see a Team Hope Walk near you, please email the Team Hope Walks Manager to start a Team Hope Walk in your local community. 

Step Two: Download The Team Hope Walk Participant Guide

Once you have registered for a Team Hope Walk, please download the Team Hope Walk Participant Packet. The Team Hope Walk Participant Packet is your guide to everything you need to know about participating in a Team Hope Walk.

Step Three: Start Fundraising

As soon as you have registered for a Team Hope Walk, please review the Team Hope Walk Participant Packet and start fundraising. Set a fundraising goal for yourself and get started early. The earlier you start raising money, the more time you will have to reach your goals and exceed them. Ask everyone you know to support your participation, including family members, friends, coworkers, and local business owners.  Learn more about fundraising at: Fundraising Tips & Tools and our fundraising webinars.

Step Four: Walk

After months of spreading awareness and raising money, the time is finally here for you to walk. At the walk, you will be asked to sign in, turn in any additional donations you have collected, and you will receive a Team Hope Walk t-shirt. You can also register for the walk on site the day of, and turn in any donations you have been collecting for the walk when you arrive. And remember – have fun at the walk!

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