Team Fundraising

Why fundraise alone when you can raise money and walk with your family members, friends and co-workers? Below are some tips for recruiting as many people as you can to walk with you on your team.

Team Fundraising Tips

  • Decide on a Team Theme & Name. You can do a work team, a family team, a friends team, a school club team, any other kind of team you want. If you belong to any associations, clubs or organizations, this is a great way to get them involved and raise awareness about HD with people and groups that may not otherwise be familiar with the disease.
  • Set a Team Goal. You should have two goals in mind – how many people do you want to recruit for your team, and how much money do you want your team to raise for the walk?
  • Get To Know HDSA. Make sure you review HDSA’s mission, programs, and services. The more you know about HDSA, the more awareness you will be able to raise.
  • Tell Your Story. Sharing why you walk with your family members, friends, and especially people you may not know very well why you are walking - it can be a very powerful motivator. Remember, you don’t have to share any stories or personal information if it makes you uncomfortable.
  • Recruit Team Members. What kind of team did you create? If you created a team for a specific group, like a company or school team, then you will want to recruit as many people within the group as possible to walk with you.If you are recruiting fellow employees for a corporate team, you can:
    - Ask HR to email everyone in the company about the walk and your team (with links).
    - Post flyers about the walk and your team in the company break room.
    - Ask HR to put flyers for the walk and your team in payroll envelopes.
    - Ask to speak about HDSA, the walk, and your team during a staff meeting.
  • Ask For Donations. As soon as your team is up and running, start asking for donations. As you recruit new participants, make sure they have a copy of the Team Hope Walk Participant Packet to help them with their fundraising efforts. For more information and tips on fundraising, visit Fundraising Tips & Tools.
  • Host A Wrap Event. A wrap event is a fundraiser you can do with your team to help raise money for the team. Below are some suggestions for different kinds of wrap events:

Wrap Events

  • Cocktails for a Cure: Happy Hour events serve as both a nice fundraiser and a cultivation event. Contact a local bar and ask them to host a fundraising happy hour event one night during the week. Ask them if they can put you in touch with their beer and liquor distributors to get alcohol donated, and then charge $15-20 for 2-4 drink tickets at the door. All of the money raised will benefit HDSA.
  • “Hearts for Huntington’s” Pin-Ups are a great opportunity for companies, schools, retail outlets and other businesses. The paper pin-up hearts can be sold for $1 each and used to add value as a wrap around event to the Team Hope program or to help raise money and awareness during HD May Awareness Month. Try holding a company-wide competition to see which groups can buy the most Hearts!
  • In Your Genes is a company or school dress down event, giving people the opportunity to enjoy a casual jeans day in return for a suggested donation of $5-$10. Promote the day amongst your co-workers, friends, and family and everyone who participates will receive an “In Your Genes” sticker to indicate that they are wearing their blue jeans in support of HDSA.
  • Restaurant Night: Ask a local restaurant to donate a percentage of their profits on a designated night for HDSA in exchange for encouraging supporters to eat there.
  • Trivia Night: Teams compete for the title of ultimate trivia champion! Raise extra money by incorporating a raffle or silent auction into the event. Try to host this at a school or a church, free of charge.
  • Garage Sale: Volunteers can donate unwanted items for a HD Community Garage Sale, with all proceeds benefitting HDSA.
  • Chili Cook-off: Volunteers whip up their best chili recipes (or whatever food you choose) and people vote for the winner with their donations.
  • Mini Auction and/or Raffle: These are great fundraisers that can be easily added on to a larger event. To maximize profits, ask for donations of goods or gift certificates from local stores and businesses.
  • Mini-March: at a school or company: Walk around the school track or company parking lot to raise awareness for HD. Get approval, pick a date, ask for donations or set up a donation page to enlist walkers.

Reminders For The Team Captain:

  • Send the HDSA field team and/or walk coordinators your team updates.
  • Have regular meetings with your team members leading up to the walk to discuss recruiting more team members, fundraising tips and goals, team prizes (if you have any), making signs and banners for the day of the walk to represent your team, and where to meet on the day of the walk.
  • Provide support and guidance to your team members, especially new members.
  • Remind team members to follow up with potential donors and send thank you notes to everyone who has already donated.
  • After the walk is over, be sure to personally thank all team members and invite them to walk again next year.

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