Thank you for your interest in HD clinical trials! 

Participation in the clinical research process is the single most important thing HD families can do to help new and more effective treatments for HD be developed.  It is only through the involvement of HD families that clinical trials that generate conclusive data about the effectiveness of potential cures and therapies will be completed so that regulatory agencies, like the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), can approve life-changing medicines for HD.   

HDSA maintains up-to-date information on all clinical trials, as well as important observational research, like Enroll-HD, that are currently taking place in the U.S. for HD families.  Please visit to learn more and to find a trial site in your area.


Enroll-HD is a new international observational trial that will accelerate the development of therapies for HD by:

-   Compiling uniform clinical data and biological samples critical to better understanding the natural history of HD,

-   Building an even more comprehensive database of HD information—including biologic samples—that will be available for use by any HD investigator worldwide,

-   Making available larger datasets from a greater number of research participants, thereby enhancing the power of data-mining and computational biology projects,

-   Serving as a platform to facilitate clinical sub-studies and the development and validation of novel assessment tools for HD, and

-   Expediting recruitment into global clinical trials of candidate therapeutics in the coming years.

It will build upon the COHORT (US/Canada) and REGISTRY (Europe) studies, and include parts of South America, Asia, Australia and other areas in the future. 

Eligibility: Everyone in the HD Community

Active Enroll-HD Sites

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