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Amaryllis (Full Cases)

We only Have cases of Red Lion and Assorted Available.

If you are having an issue with the website please call in your order to 800-345-HDSA ext. 222

Full cases of Amaryllis include 16 complete Kits.

They can be purchased in straight colors or an assorted case which contains an assortement of all four available kits. Assorted cases contain6 Red Lion, 4 Minerva, 3 Apple Blossom, 3 Athene. Assortment available while supplies last, colors may be substituted if selection is no longer available.

Amaryllis bulbs are among the easiest bulbs to grow indoors and the most rewarding. These premium Dutch bulbs need minimal attention
but you will be regarded with spectacular blooms to brighten up the dark winter days.

Planting Amaryllis and watching them grow is a fun activity for the entire family.


Each Amaryllis kit will contain everything you
need to have your own spectacular Amaryllis
this winter including:
• One 26/28 cm Amaryllis Bulb
• Decorative Pot
• Professional Growing Medium
• Planting Care and Aftercare Instructions
Each kit costs only $10.00


Amaryllis make the perfect gift that can be
enjoyed for many weeks. Some gift ideas
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas
• Chanukah
• Housewarming
• Get Well
• Birthday
• Gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers