Scientific Advisory Board, Member

Marcy MacDonald PhD
Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Dr. Marcy MacDonald obtained her Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto in 1980 and is currently a Professor of Neurology (Genetics) at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, where she is a founding member of the Center for Human Genetic Research.

Dr. MacDonald became involved in Huntington's disease research in 1985, joining Dr. James Gusella in an international collaboration that identified the Huntington's disease gene in 1993, improving the diagnosis and management of the disorder. Her research pioneers the use of genetic mouse models and genetic studies in human samples to contribute knowledge essential to the development of effective therapies for Huntington's disease.

Dr. MacDonald has served the HDSA as co-chair of the Grants and Fellowship Committee (1998-2003). She is the Chair of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (2008-2011) and for the more than two decades has spoken about Huntington's disease research at HDSA events for local chapters and at the annual convention.