Scientific Advisory Board

Purpose and Responsibilities of HDSA Scientific Advisory Board

The HDSA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of leading experts in their fields. The Scientific Advisory Board's role is to advise the Board of Trustees and HDSA Management on a range of issues. In general, the SAB provides scientific review of research proposals to ensure that the research programs at HDSA are scientifi­cally sound, pertinent and provide a high impact to the HD research community. 

The SAB can be called upon to advise HDSA on any scientific issues that may arise (e.g., stem cell policy, use of animals in research).

The Committee’s specific responsibilities include:

  •         •  Periodically reviewing HDSA's medical and scientific
               affairs strategy and recommending funding for research grant
  •         •  Significantly expanding HDSA’s research commitments.
  •         •  Define and administer HDSA’s research program, including
  •            RFP development, proposal review and grant oversight.
  •         •  Providing speakers and research programs for major HDSA
  •             events i.e., the annual HDSA Convention.


The members of the SAB are: (Click on their name to learn more about them).

     Jang-Ho Cha, MD, PhD   (chair)        Neil Aronin, MD

    Beth Borowsky, PhD                           Lucie Bruijn, PhD

    Ray Dorsey, MD, MBA                         Kenneth H. Fischbeck, MD

    Samuel Frank, MD                               Michelle Gray, PhD

    Marcy MacDonald, PhD                      Harry Orr, PhD

    Eric E. Schadt, PhD