Announcing the NEW Gordon Research Conference on  Basal Ganglia

Basal Ganglia Cells and Circuits in Health and Disease

February 2-7, 2014

Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express, Ventura, CA


Connect with fellow scientists to discuss the
frontiers of this scientific field! 

Submit your application and abstract by January 5, 2014.


 The goal of the inaugural Basal Ganglia GRC is to create a forum for discussing key advances in the understanding of the major basal ganglia nuclei as well as new insights into the operation of the network as a whole. The basal ganglia are a richly interconnected set of forebrain, diencephalic and mesencephalic nuclei that control movement and thought. Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, Tourette's Syndrome and schizophrenia are widely viewed as disorders of the basal ganglia.

The Conference Chair, James Surmeier, and Vice Chair, Nicole Calakos, have developed a cutting edge program which will include a diverse collection of investigators from around the world.  An emphasis at this meeting will be placed on developments arising from recent methodological advances and developments that have translational significance.


Session topics include:

  • Basal Ganglia LIVE!: In vivo approaches to understanding how basal ganglia activity shapes behavior
  • Striatal interneurons: The glue that holds it together
  • Synaptic plasticity: consensus and controversy
  • Sub-striatal networks in the basal ganglia
  • Network Dysfunction in Movement Disorders (Dystonia, Dyskinesia and PD)
  • Beyond synapses: neuromodulators in the striatum
  • What makes the SNc go?
  • Devil in the detail: dendrites and synapses in the striatum
  • Mechanisms driving Huntington's disease


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