Donald A. King Summer Research Fellowships for 2013 Awarded

HDSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Donald A. King Summer Research Fellowships.  Many outstanding applications from across the country were received.  The HDSA Scientific Advisory Board carefully reviewed and scored the proposals using several criteria such as: the quality of the candidate’s academic achievements, mentoring plan for candidate, scientific rigor of the experimental design and feasibility to achieve significant deliverables in a short summer timeframe.

Two students were selected as this year’s winners.  Ms. Jenny Lin (MIT) will be working at UCLA under the guidance of Drs. William Yang and Steve Horvath on a project entitled “Systems Biology Approach to Analyze Huntington’s Disease”.  The second recipient is Ms. Jolene Luther (Univ of Iowa).  Jolene will be working with Drs. Hans Johnson and Jane Paulsen at the Univ. of Iowa on a human biomarker project entitled “MRI T2 hypointensities as a biomarker in prodromal HD”.       

We look forward to hearing about their research at upcoming HDSA meetings.  Congratulations Jenny and Jolene!


Jolene Luther: The Opportunity of a Lifetime