Enroll-HD is a new international observational trial that will accelerate the development of therapies for HD by:

-   Compiling uniform clinical data and biological samples critical to better understanding the natural history of HD,

-   Building an even more comprehensive database of HD information—including biologic samples—that will be available for use by any HD investigator worldwide,

-   Making available larger datasets from a greater number of research participants, thereby enhancing the power of data-mining and computational biology projects,

-   Serving as a platform to facilitate clinical sub-studies and the development and validation of novel assessment tools for HD, and

-   Expediting recruitment into global clinical trials of candidate therapeutics in the coming years.

It will build upon the COHORT (US/Canada) and REGISTRY (Europe) studies, and include parts of South America, Asia, Australia and other areas in the future. 

Eligibility: Everyone in the HD Community

Active Enroll-HD Sites

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For more details please visit: https://www.enroll-hd.org/