Cheri L, St. Louis

I am at risk for HD, have seen my mother suffer from HD and currently am seeing my sister go through the stages of HD.  I am interested in the sciences and research and clinical trials are a necessary part of research.  I have participated in several clinical trials and it made sense for me to become a Clinical Trials Diplomat in order for me to share information and as well as my story.

Terry H., St. Louis


I am a social worker by profession, but have been on disability due to Huntington’s disease for over two years. I am part of a very large extended family which has been terribly affected by Huntington’s disease for over 60 years. My mother and my oldest sister have already died from HD. Two of my siblings currently suffer from it. I have been involved in clinical trials for HD for over 28 years.


I became a clinical trials diplomat because I believe that being part of clinical trials is one of the greatest ways that we, as HD families, can participate and do our part to bring about a cure and treatments for HD. Researchers NEED US or they can’t do their research! Please help and join a trial TODAY!