Teresa, Moline, IL

I'm from an HD family.  In my lifetime, my Grandmother, Father and Aunt had the disease in the previous generations in my family.  Two cousins from my generation had/have the disease.  I spent 40 years being in an at-risk for HD group.  In May 2011, I completed the testing process and found out I will not develop HD.  Throughout my at risk years, I completed the PHAROS study and participated in one longitudinal study at Indiana University.  I also participated in various observational studies.  I started COHORT and now participate in ENROLL.  I've been an HDSA Clinical Trial Diplomat for three years.  During that time, I've presented to support groups, educational events in Louisiana and South Dakota, the Annual State Convention for the IL Chapter and the Clinical Research Symposium in Indianapolis.  The Diplomat program allows me to share my story of participating in studies and encourage our community to get involved as well