NW Science Fiction Writer with HD Roots

Did you know that the HD community in Washington State has its own science fiction author? Well, we do. Her name is Marian Michener, and she has now written her second novel. Her first book, Three Glasses of Wine, published in 1988, was autobiographical and about quitting drinking. Her current book, Beyond the City Swords, reflects her observations of relationship issues among those people around her.

Marian was born in Boulder, Colorado. She attended grade school in San Francisco. Then in high school, she made her first attempt at writing, by publishing an underground newspaper. Both her mother, who had Huntington’s Disease, and her step-father encouraged her in her writing. Both are now deceased, but her natural father, a psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrist, maintains a good relationship with her. Marian continued her education up to and including earning an MA in Creative Writing. Along the way, she has always written some poetry in addition to her novels.

Her move from California to Washington was prompted by her love of Akido. She had been studying it down in California, when she learned about a wonderful instructor in Seattle, so she moved here to study with him. She has continued to live in Seattle since then, and now lives with her partner Carol.

For those interested, a review of her novel can be read at http://www.renettedavis.com/beyond.html, and the actual novel can also be read online at: http://www.renettedavis.com/beyond.pdf.

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