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Welcome to the Northwest Chapter of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. We are a regional chapter of the HDSA, striving to offer support to those affected by Huntington’s disease in five states: Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and western Montana. We align ourselves with the mission of our national HDSA: To improve the lives of people with Huntington’s disease and their families.

In support of this mission, we hold two educational events annually – a research symposium and a convention. We offer a number of support groups for those affected by HD, many with professionally trained facilitators. We employ a part time social worker who works for the chapter, helping people find services and placements when needed. We also keep an updated resource directory on line so that others can seek out help on their own. We are in the process of trying to create a network of physicians who will be knowledgeable and able to treat patients suffering from Huntington's Disease. Finally, we coordinate advocacy efforts within the five states and support national legislation which will benefit individuals suffering from Huntington’s Disease.

In support of these efforts, we hold several fund raising events in any given year. These include the annual Team Hope Walk, a dinner concert combined with a silent auction, a fun filled, family bowl-a-thon, and encouragement of chapter members to make a monthly pledge ranging from $5.00 to over $100.00. These pledges contribute substantially to supporting your local chapter in its efforts. Our fund raising has not been limited to just these events, and in year's past we have held a golf tournament and fashion shows, and are now considering running and bicycling events for the future.

Over the past five or so years, there has been a tremendous amount of research done into the cause and progression of Huntington’s disease. While the cure has not yet been found, hope has risen substantially over the possibility of finding such a cure, as well as over finding increasingly effective treatments for specific symptoms of HD. We all look forward to their future emergence, but in the meantime, we also remain dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from HD in the present.

We invite each of you to sign up for our regional mailing list, to place your name on our volunteer list, and to mail your donations to the HDSA Northwest Chapter, 17406 Redhawk Drive, Arlington, WA 98223.

NW Chapter Home

National Helpline: 888-437-2506
Chapter Social Worker: 360-618-3325

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