For Family Services and Research at U.C. Davis Medical Center

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) selected U.C. Davis
Medical Center (UCDMC) as one of its Centers of Excellence for Family
Services and Research. The Center has become a model for integrating
state of the art care with cutting-edge research and a prototype for other
Huntington’s Disease (HD) centers that will follow in the coming years.

A focal point for care and research, the HDSA Center of Excellence for
Family Services and Research at UCDMC has become a unique resource
for families in the region, providing a full range of health care services:

· Ongoing Clinical Care for HD Families
· Innovative Laboratory research
· Clinical Trials Promising Experimental Treatments for HD
· Professional Social Worker Services
· Genetic Counseling and Testing
· Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies
· Professional and Family Education
· Family Support Groups

HDSA thanks the dedicated and hard-working staff of the UCDMC Center of
Excellence. Contact the UCDMC Staff.



HDSA Center of Excellence at University of California Davis Medical Center

  4860 Y Street, Suite 3700

  Sacramento, CA  95817

Director: Vicki Wheelock, M.D.

Contact: Terry Tempkin 

  Tel: 916-734-6278


Social Worker: Lisa Kjer, MSW
p. 916-734-6277