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For the last several months, HDSA has been monitoring the roll-out of health insurance exchanges, which is one part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  A Health Insurance Exchange is a marketplace for comparing, and buying health insurance. Each of these exchanges will offer a choice of different health plans for those without insurance as well as information to help consumers better understand their options. In order to participate in Health Insurance Exchanges, all insurance policies will have to cover a set of “Essential Health Benefits” (EHBs).  Though the ACA gives ten categories of EHBs, it does not specifically define what needs to be covered. Thus all 50 states will be creating an exchange by 2014. Click here to see a map of where the 50 states are in the exchange process.


Your Opportunity in California.


Right now, California has an exchange in operation, but it is in its early stages, so there is still an opportunity for feedback.  The California Healthcare Reform website is:


HDSA is asking advocates to get in touch and advocate for an EHB package that provides meaningful and affordable coverage for all aspects of health, both mental and physical


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Here are three ways that you can take action:


1.    Submit a comment via email to the Task Force at

2.    Send an email to the California Health Benefit Exchange at

3.    Schedule a meeting with the California Office of the Patient Advocate here


Want to Learn More, or Lead the Effort Locally? 
Contact Jane Kogan at to get involved with leading the effort in California.