Welcome to the National Youth Alliance!

Our Mission

Our mission as the National Youth Alliance is to provide a support network for youth coping with Huntington's Disease in their lives. We are in place to educate young people and their families dealing with HD and JHD. The NYA motivates youth to get involved in their local Chapters, Affiliates, and Support Groups in raising awareness and finding a cure for Huntington's Disease.

Who We Are

The National Youth Alliance is a group of youth and young adults from around the United States of America, whose mission is to make their generation the last to ever have to live with Huntington’s disease.

In the past several years the NYA has grown from a small group of kids to over 200 members around the country! The goal of the NYA is to help support, education and motivate the youth of HDSA to get involved in the battle against HD.

What We Do

Providing a wide array of support for young members of HDSA, NYA members set out to help one another learn how to cope with the day-to-day struggles we face as children, teens and young adults surrounded by HD.

We are also the front line of fundraising for the National Youth Alliance Scholarship fund which is able to send new members to the HDSA National Convention each year. We are always gladly accepting donations towards our scholarship fund and appreciate them all so much!

Whether you are personally affected, have a friend or relative, or just in the HD community, the National Youth Alliance is here for you!

How You Can Help

Getting involved with the National Youth Alliance as a child, teen, young adult, parent or guardian can bring an entirely different outlook to the world of Huntington's Disease. Being a member of the NYA means you are surround by support from peers who know exactly what you are going through as a child of a parent with HD. We may come from all walks of life and from each corner of the country, but we are a family. Our stories are so similiar that there is no need to explain. We welcome each member with open arms and open minds. The National Youth Alliance depends on it's members to reach out to one another throughout the year for support and guidance.