NYA Fundraising


Fundraising for the National Youth Alliance helps send a member of NYA to the HDSA National Convention each June. A scholarship can help a first time attendee get the chance of a lifetime! Each scholarship costs approximately $1,500.00. Every year we hope to send more and more members to the National Convention and with your help, we can make it possible. Below are dozens of ideas to help you raise money towards the NYA scholarship fund. They are both easy and fun to do. Get your Chapter/Affiliate/Support Group involved to help you set one up.

Fundraising ideas for everyone:

Hearts for HD: Contact us to receive a packet of hearts.  You can sell these for any amount of money you would like to raise funds for NYA. You cale sell to friends, family, and co-workers. You can ask local stores to help you sell them and they can put them up on their walls to show local support for our cause.

Pancake Breakfast: Costs are low and opportunities to offer raffle tickets and silent auction items.

Cook To Cure HD: You can do just about anything in this category. Do a bake sale, covered dish supper, catered dinner,  barbeque, picnic, chef competition, have a bake off, put out a cookbook,  organize a chili cook-off, etc.

Kids For A Cure: Kids can do lemonade stands, talent shows, lip sync contests, beauty pageants, karaoke competitions, and other fun activities.

Yard Sale To Cure HD: Organize a huge rummage sale by gathering donated furniture and clothing or just do your own garage sale and donate the proceeds.

Bingo Fundraiser: A bingo fundraiser is an easy fundraising event to put together

Bracelets: Selling blue HD bracelets is a great way to support your cause and raise awareness. 

Candy: Sell candy to friends, family, school, churches and other non-profit groups.

Create personal jewelry: buttons, shirts, hats etc. and sell them to people.

Car wash To Cure HD: A  car wash at a high-traffic location, use multiple people and wash several cars at a time.

Sports related themes:

Skate To Cure HD: Put together an event at a roller rink or ice skating rink.

Swim To Cure HD: Swimmers get sponsors to pledge a certain amount per lap swum at a YMCA pool of other large facility.

Bike To Cure HD:  Host a charity bike ride, have riders get sponsorships as a basic requirement for participation.

Golf To Cure HD: A golf tournament can raise huge amounts if done properly. You can also offer a mini-golf tournament as well.

Kick To Cure HD: A soccer tournament is another great way to raise funds.

Shoot To Cure HD: 3 on 3 competetion, free throw -  people donate for every shot made 

Running to Cure HD: Run a marathon or a relay and have people donate towards you to raise money.

Softball To Cure HD: Three softball fundraising ideas to raise funds for your team or league - Softball fundraisers that produce excellent results and don't cost a lot.

Bowl To Cure HD: Put together a bowling tournament at a local alley.

Events with the help of a local company, school, or restaurant:

It’s important to remind volunteers that most resturants and companies have a certain amount of money set aside every month that is designated for charities.   Partner with a Local Business: Approach business owners in your community about working together to raise money. Perhaps the deal is that you get a percentage--generally about 10 percent--of sales during a certain time period. It may be a whole day, it may be for a few hours. The business owner can use it as a tax write-off, and you can bring in money toward your goal.


Cuts For The Cure: Work with local hair salon and offer "free" haircuts in exchange for donations. Works especially well with radio station personalities involved.

Music For The Cure: Concerts are a great way to bring awareness and raise money.

Fundraiser at a local restaurant: Many places will offer deals to costumers if they donate towards the charity. 


Resturarants and companies also have discounts such as half off meals and gift cards that you can ask them to donate to use for a silent auction or raffle item at one of your events. 


For the busy volunteers that have limite time to throw a fundraiser:

Use the social networking website Facebook to post a link to your fundraising page and explain your story of why you're raising money for National Youth Alliance and Huntington’s Diease. You can also make it part of your status update, saying something like, "Joe is only $440 away from meeting her fundraising goal for the National Youth Alliance, please help to reach this goal by donating below" and posting your link. It will remind people to donate and give them quick access to your page.

Use sites such as first giving to collect money from donators . You can set up your own account similar to this one or use this one to provide to people. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nationalyouth-alliance/nya Once you have enrolled, you will be taken to your Home Page where you can customize your fundraising website. The money goes directly to the charity and you don’t have to do any extra work.   You can also donate the money you raise at event directly to this page!


The amount of people that you have access to are unlimited. By using email you can reach the people that you know and even people that you don't know.