Meet Bryan

Bryan Mabry

Moriarty, New Mexico

My name is Bryan Mabry, I am 26 years old. On December 17th of 2009, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Huntington's disease also known as JHD. My dad has HD too. I live with my mom who cares for me full-time. I am part of the HDSA New Mexico Affiliate and support group. I have found it hard to live my life with JHD. I cannot live on my own like a regular 26 year old. I need help doing the most basic things.

I started noticing that I was developing symptoms when I was in my late teens, but never paid much attention to them. When I was 22 and in and out of trouble, my mom and I both felt it was time to speak with a doctor about what I was experiencing. I have poor balance, I slur my speach, and find it hard to do many other things, but my family tries to keep me busy with activities to do. I like to talk on my cell phone with friends and play on my XBOX during the day.

Having JHD is hard for me because I feel like I can't do regular things and have to be taken care of by someone else. It is also hard because I see my dad with HD and feel badly for the both of us. I wonder what my life would be like if I was not sick.

In 2012, my mom applied for the Lundbeck convention scholarship and we were able to go to Las Vegas. Meeting others like me was a good experience. I didn't feel like I was alone like I do when I am home. I especially liked meeting other kids with JHD and the activites we got to be a part of. I hope to make it to the convention in Louisville with my family again.