Faces of NYA

The Faces of NYA are just that, youth from across the country affected by Huntington's disease. Children, teens, and young adults are also dealing with HD in their lives. They have become young caregivers and are wise beyond their years. Here we showcase their tremendous strength to help inspire other young people who are also living with HD in their families to get out there and be motivated to make a difference.

The profiles shown here are also shared through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Members, family, and friends from the entire country are introduced to the world of young NYA members talking first hand about their lives growing up with Huntington's disease. Our thanks to everyone who has volunteered to tell their story in this forum. And thank you for helping bring Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow to everyone affected by Huntington's disease.

If you would like to submit your story for Faces of NYA, you may do so to nyaboard@gmail.com or click here! Submissions are shown in the order received. For May, HD Awareness Month, we will showcase a new Face of NYA each day.