Meet Erika

Erika Boulavksy

South Carolina

Living with Huntington’s Disease can be a difficult one. With my mother affected and my sisters and I at risk, it is definitely not the easiest event to deal with in life. Living with this disease has taught me to live life the way it should though. Seeing my mother get up everyday, take multiple medications to tame her symptoms, be tired and emotional at times, then continue to walk out that door to volunteer or join a church program is awe inspiring. She is teaching us that this disease is not pushing her down without a fight. She has her moments where it is difficult and she just needs to be alone sometimes, but then she has other moments where she is being more active in life then both my sisters and I combined! Life is what you make of it and as much as this disease is not wished upon anybody, seeing my mother live as much as possible despite her problems is what makes me focus on the positives. Sometimes you just need to look at this disease and say NOT TODAY. (For all the Game of Thrones fans out there)