Meet Brianna

Brianna Baker


Living with Huntington's whether you've tested positive or not you still live with the disease everyday. Just because you don't have the gene doesn't mean HD won't be in you're life. HD will be with you whether it's a mother, father or sibling you care for you are living with HD. The disease doesn't get easier to handle once you think you've figured out a way to keep the person you love and care for with HD, calm and happy, a curve ball is thrown and everything changes. Its a constant battle between keeping yourself happy and you're family happy. The hardest part about it all is you can talk to another care taker and ask how they handle situations, but every HD patient is different and finding that median isn't always easy and most of the time it's near impossible. I'm still young and dealing with HD as a care taker for the first time. It doesn't get easier, patience is sometimes lost, and confusion is always around. They're is not always going to be a solution that is something I will have to learn over time. Until then I will do what I have in my power and heart to do for the one I love living with HD.