What is the HDSA National Convention?

Convention is held each year at a different location across the country.  It is an event put on by the HDSA to bring together people for support, education, awareness and research.   Huntington's disease (HD) researchers, clinicians, and members of the HD community from around the country convene to participate.

The NYA hosts our own day the Thursday just before convention begins on Friday. On this day we hold team building exercises to develop a bond between members, sharing sessions to learn each others HD stories, and have guest speakers teach our members about Research, Advocacy, & Fundraising.

what is nya day at convention?

NYA Day is held the Thursday prior to the start of HDSA’s National Convention. NYA Day is when NYA members from far and near come together and learn more about what the NYA is and what we are doing in the fight against Huntington’s disease. We teach our members about research, advocacy, fundraising and how to become more involved with the NYA and HD communities. Group youth sharing sessions are available at NYA Day as well as throughout the weekend. It is a time for youth to meet other youth across the country and world who are coping with this disease.  The NYA day is a day filled with support, education and fun activities. By joining the NYA you make yourself eligible to submit an application to receive a scholarship.   Scholarships applications are due each year in April and the convention is held every year in June. Over the last ten years there have been over 200 scholarships provided to members of the NYA. 

NYA Day is planned by the volunteers of the NYA Day & Convention Committee. Between conventions, these members work tirelessly to ensure a high quality program for youth’s who are attending convention. From the month’s of January to June, the NYA Day & Convention Committee comes together to work collaboratively with the HDSA and the Convention Planning Committee. They take feedback from the previous year, reach out to members and plan the entire weekends youth events, from NYA Day to the night activity, the NYA Talent Show as well as all youth sessions found at convention.

The NYA Silent Auction & Raffle

The NYA Silent Auction & Raffle is the primary fundraiser for the NYA Convention scholarship. The Silent Auction & Raffle is held on the Friday of convention and items may be bid on all day. The Auction closes at 5pm and items may be picked up on Saturday. If you wish to make a contribution to the Silent Auction & Raffle you may do so by dropping your items off on Thursday at the NYA Day Registration table or at the Convention Registration office.

If you wish to mail your item in please contact Mynelly Perez at for details on how to do so.



contributions to the nya scholarship fund

If you would like to contribute to this scholarship fund, please mail your check or money order, payable to the "HDSA NYA Convention Scholarship Fund" to:

Huntington's Disease Society of America

505 Eighth Avenue,  Suite 902

New York, NY 10018

Attention: Mynelly Perez, NYA

Thank you for your continued support to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America and the HDSA National Youth Alliance!

What is the World Congress on HD? 

The World Congress for HD is put together and held in a different country every year. Huntington's disease (HD) researchers, clinicians, and members of the HD community from around the world will convene to participate in the meeting. The scientific program will feature presentations on recent advances in genetics and the disease mechanisms of HD, recent approaches to developing experimental treatments, and the latest findings from clinical trials.

What is the NYA World Congress Scholarship? 

The NYA was awarded a grant from CHDI to send a  member of the National Youth Alliance to the WCHD. The purpose of this grant is to encourage the youth to take a more active role in HD research. 

Five NYA Members have attended past World Congress on Huntington's Disease. They attended sessions on research and care; participated in discussions; and were able to meet with youth representatives from many countries. Here is how they characterized their experiences at this extraordinary event.