Care & Support

The National Youth Alliance has continued to be the leading support service for young persons in the United States when it comes to HD. Our efforts go beyond the Annual HDSA Convention and yearly NYA Day. Each week we are contacted by youths and young adults facing HD and JHD head on. For many, growing up with HD in our families we are fighting an uphill battle. Support services are limited for youths and it is important for us at the NYA to ensure there is a network of people who know exactly what it is like to grow up in the shadow of HD. Whether you are a child, teen, or young adult, the NYA provides a wide array of support for you.

Here you can find information for your age group, and information on genetic testing. relationships and having children. While HD and JHD can be scary and it may be intimidating to learn about them, we at the NYA feel it is important to provide you with support and a caring shoulder to lean on when times get tough.