There are two HDSA Centers of Excellence in the area:


HDSA Center of Excellence at Indiana University

  Department of Medicine

  975 West Walnut Street, Room IB-130

  Indianapolis, IN 36202-5251

Directors: Kimberly A. Quaid, PhD and Joanne Wojcieszek, MD

Contact and Social Worker: Leo Rafail, BSW

  Tel: 866-488-0008

  Fax: 317-278-1100




HDSA Center of Excellence at Ohio State University
456 West 10th Ave.
Cramblett Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Director:  Sandra K. Kostyk, MD, PhD
Contact: Allison Seward, MS, CGC
p. 614-688-8672

Social Worker: Barbara Heiman, LISW
p. 614-292-9960