Care and Support

Care and support for our HD affected families throughout Illinois is paramount to the Illinois Chapter’s mission.  Care and support come in many different ways.  The chapter hosts several support groups as well as offering in-service training sessions for nursing home personnel, for hospice workers, as well as the medical professionals.  Please click Support Groups  on the navigation bar to the left to find a support group near you.  In order to schedule an in-service for your loved one’s nursing home, please contact  Becky Klein by phone at (630) 443-9876.

You may also ask your nursing home director to contact Becky in the same manner.  The Illinois chapter also works hand in hand with Becky, social worker, at the Chicago HDSA Center of Excellence at Rush Medical Center.  Your loved one’s care is our #1 priority!
For a list of state specific resources in Illinois,   Click here for the latest update (August, 2014) for the Illinois Resources Guide


Are you willing to be a Caregiver's mentor?  If so, click on this link.

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Information About the Affordable Care Act


Are you confused about the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare)?  Click on this link:

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