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The HD Parity Act has been re-introduced in Congress on March 7, 2013, as HR1015. Please write to your respective U.S. Representatives and encourage them to sign on as co-sponsors!

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HD Parity Act Myths vs. Facts  This revised handout features an overview of what HDSA and advocates are hearing from Congress

Costs Associated with the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act:  This document provides an estimate of the costs associated with the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act using Congressional Budget Office (CBO) criteria.

brief overview

 This document is a summary of the difficulties people with HD face when applying for SSDI and receiving Medicare that explains the need for the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act.



Advocacy - Huntington's Disease Society of America  

HDSA is engaged in efforts to protect the rights of our HD families, in addition to bringing into focus the difficult situations these families encounter to the attention of our federal, state and local elected officials through advocacy.  Educating elected officials and community leaders about the needs of those facing this devastating degenerative disease is one of the best tools we have at this time in the fight against HD.  Read how YOU can help! 

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If you have ideas for Huntington's Disease advocacy, feel free to contact Illinois Chapter Board Member  and Advocacy Chair, Tom Barr at Thomasabarr@aol.com