HDSA Family Funds

Make your Donation Work:
Take a Stand Against Huntington’s disease

HDSA takes pride in the breadth of programs and services it has to help improve the lives of people with Huntington’s disease and their families. Whether it is through our support for research or the education, support services and advocacy programs we provide, HDSA is there every day to serve the needs of the HD community.This is not a chance happening. It can be directly attributed to the ongoing support from our HD families and the community in general. As part of their commitment to the HD fight, families may choose to establish a Family Fund to support a specific program or project.When a family creates their Fund, they know that 100% of their contribution will be used to fund their chosen HDSA program or service, whether it is research, education, community service or advocacy. They know that collectively they are helping to ensure the future of an HDSA Research, Education, Advocacy or Community Service program.Family Fund donors can see just how powerful their gift can be as they can receive reports on the specific programs or service they support. 

WHY ESTABLISH AN HDSA FAMILY FUNDBy combining resources, families can collectively contribute a much larger gift than they could individually. Families can tap into a variety of fundraising methods to support their Family Fund including personal requests for donations, such as through a letter-writing campaigns, events like hoop-a-thons or golf outings, creating their own fund raising page through our firstgiving.com site or enlisting the support of their employer’s matching gift program. The HDSA National Office is happy to provide families with guidelines and suggestions and can assist in developing your fundraising program to support your Family Fund.

A Family Fund can be established with a minimal total annual contribution of $10,000.

Designate 100% of your gift to sponsor or partially sponsor a specific HDSA program or service and receive annual updates.

For more information about how you can establish an HDSA Family Fund, or for information about other opportunities to help HDSA continue to provide programs and services to improve the lives of people with HD and their families, contact HDSA's National Director of Development, Jules Greenwald, at jgreenwald@hdsa.org.


HDSA Research:

HDSA sponsored research is focused on moving discoveries from the laboratory through the drug development pipeline to create therapies to treat symptoms, slow the progression of the disease and eventually eliminate Huntington’s disease. These grants meet an important research need by investing “seed money” in new and/or innovative projects enabling the researcher to develop their ideas to the point where they can attract funding from other sources, thus furthering HD research. Additionally, the Society is the prime source of information on research and clinical trials through the HDSA website, print and digital publications, workshops at the national convention, at chapter’s educational events and through its Clinical Trial Diplomats.

HDSA Education & Community Service Programs:

One of the most important ways in which HDSA provides support to the HD community is by providing access to the most experienced HD practitioners and the most current and beneficial information about Huntington’s disease. Whether ensuring the highest quality of care at our 21 Centers of Excellence, supporting a network of social workers and HD support groups or hosting resources for caregivers, HDSA provides invaluable resources for families living with HD.  Additionally, the Society is the primary source of medical information through the HDSA.org website, our newsletters and publications, and the dissemination of information about potential new therapies and clinical trials to help families, health care professionals and the general public to understand and navigate through all of the challenges created by this devastating disease.   

HDSA Advocacy Program:

HDSA’s Advocacy Program is focused on making a difference in the lives of everyone with HD through sweeping legislative reform. The Society’s Advocacy Program is a grassroots program designed to create a groundswell of activity that will affect national legislation and programs for people with Huntington’s disease and their families, with an emphasis on issues such as healthcare reform, disability eligibility and genetic discrimination. Across the United States more than 12,000 advocates are working diligently to raise Congress’ awareness of HD in an effort to get them to pass the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act. Once passed, the HD Parity Act will most importantly make it significantly easier for people with HD to receive Social Security and Medicare Benefits.