HDSA Hurricane Sandy Update

Dear HDSA Friends

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which resulted in much of New York City without power and without transportation, the National Office was closed from Monday to Wednesday this week. The office is open today as a few New York staffers were able to get in with the resumption of limited subway and bus service. In some areas of the City and the surrounding suburbs power and transportation is still days to weeks away.  Fortunately, all members of the National Staff have been accounted for and are safe, even if powerless at this time.

We want to assure you that though the office was closed we were monitoring emails and phone messages and our Regional offices throughout the country have been open during this time.

If you have an immediate need for help in any area, and have not received a response to an email or voicemail to one of our National Office members, please send an email to hdsainfo@hdsa.org. We will then have the most appropriate available person respond to assist you.

We know that many of the recipients of this message were also affected by this storm, and our thoughts are with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in this difficult time.

As always the general office number 800-345-HDSA is functioning, as is the HDSA Helpline number 888-HDSA-506.

Please stay safe and please make us aware of any HD families who may need assistance but do not have power to request help via phone or email.

Louise Vetter
Chief Executive Officer