HD Awareness Month 2011

HD Awareness Month


May is HD Awareness Month and this year we are asking you to help educate people outside of the HD community about Huntington’s disease and how they can join us in our efforts to provide Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow to everyone affected by Huntington’s disease.


We are providing three programs for you to use in your May Awareness Month outreach activities:


        •   Huntington’s Disease Parity Act Program -- for more information 
             please visit http://www.hdsa.org/takeaction


        •   In Your Genes Workplace Program -- a great way to build
             awareness and raise funds. For more information contact    


        •   Print and TV PSAs featuring Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobsen
             of “House” -- available in all sizes and formats. For more "  
             contact fvaughn@hdsa.org


If you need any additional information or materials please contact the appropriate member of the Field Development and Operations Team or the Marketing/Communications Departments as soon as possible.


Please check the HDSA national website regularly during May Awarness Month for new announcements.


Thanks to all of you for helping to make May HD Awareness Month a success!