Gene Veritas Addresses the Public on HD as Ken Serbin

Gene Veritas Addresses the General Public

on Huntington's disease as Ken Serbin


Gene Veritas who has anonymously written about HD and been an active advocate for HD research and resources has come out of the "Huntington's closet" with an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education that is available online and will appear in the print edition on November 9.


In the article he tells the story of his family and how HD has shaped his life. He also unveils his true identity, Ken Serbin, Ph.D, professor and chair in the Department of History at the University of San Diego, where he as received international recognition as a distinguished scholar on Brazilian history and culture.


Ken has also been a very active member of the San Diego Chapter of HDSA and an everpresent advocate for HD causes across the country.


To read the Gene Veritas blog that explains his introduction please click here. To read his article please click here.


Congratulations Gene/Ken from everyone at HDSA who has admired your work and courage for years.