2013 Tom Selleck Classic- CO

Saturday, March 16, 2013 | 8:00 AM

Stories claim that the Classic originated many years ago after a few breakfast burritos in the basement of the LA County Public Works building.  A group of public service employees summoned their courage to grow a mustache for 1 month.  The best mustache would get a free breakfast burrito.  The years past and it grew to something even more vial, eventually consuming 35 contestants.  The group of moustache growers had secret hand signals and paid homage to t-tops, the Fiero, and eagles.  Although never officially sponsored by Mr. Selleck, his blessing was bestowed upon the group through his secretary's personal assistant.


Now the mustache contest is back, and it's grown to Colorado.  Yes, that's right, the contest, like the hair above your lip, has grown to the point where it cannot be ignored.  You're invited to compete.  Grow a mustache for approximately 1 month - keep you chin clean shaven, collect donations, and look awesome.  At the end, a mustache celebration will be held in the Denver area.  If you have a mustache or if you like them, you are more than welcome to attend. 


A note to out-of-staters:  You are encouraged to compete via the world-wide-web and have your own local celebration of mustaches.  I'd be happy to host different state pages.