We are  trying to raise awareness for Huntington's disease by having Toyota paint Joey Logano's Nascar with the TEAM HOPE paint scheme for the Kolbalt Tools 500 in Phoenix, AZ (November 14, 2010).


We have remained in the top ten of voting for the first two rounds and have qualified as a finalist in the Toyota Sponsafier competition. Help us spread the word and have people vote once a day for this design.


Staring Friday October 8th please go the web site listed below and vote once every 24 hours http://www.sponsafier.com/share/357717


Important Contest Dates:

Public Voting III October 8, 2010-October 17, 2010

During the Public Voting III Phase, Finalist Designs will be posted for public voting on www.sponsafier.com. Voters will be invited to vote for the Design that they believe has the most public appeal. The number of votes a Design gains during the Public Voting III Phase will go towards that Design's score in the Public Appeal category of the Judging Criteria as part of the Winner Determination Phase, as listed below.

Limit: Each Voter may vote for only one (1) Design one (1) time per day during this time period.

Note: During this phase, the vote count will not be made public


Winner Determination October 17, 2010-October 26, 2010

During the Winner Determination Phase, Qualified Judges will review and judge all Finalist Designs according to the Judging Criteria as listed above. Subject to the entrant's compliance with these Official Rules, the entrant with the highest-scoring Design will be deemed the potential Grand Prize winner. In the event of a tie between two (2) or more Designs or in the event the potential Grand Prize winner is found to be in violation of these Official Rules, the qualified judges, in their sole discretion, will select the potential Grand Prize winner based on which Design has the higher score in the Feasibility category, or will select the next highest scoring Design.