Don Stevenson, The Pacin’ Parson,
completes 13,000 mile walk for HD

On April 26, 2008, Don Stevenson, aka “The Pacin’ Parson,” completed an epic 13,000 mile walk to build awareness for Huntington’s Disease and raise money to support HDSA programs.

The 72-year-old Stevenson, crossed the George Washington Bridge along with several supporters and made his way across Manhattan to the Terence Cardinal Cooke Healthcare Center, where he was greeted by Barbara Boyle, HDSA CEO, and Laura Gaffney, Executive Director of the Terence Cardinal Cooke Center, as well members of the HDSA New York Metro and New Jersey chapters, HDSA staff, Terrence Cardinal Cooke patients, family members and staff members.

Among the crowd of well-wishers were Liz Weber and Stone Gossard, who had hosted a welcoming concert for the guest of honor the night before, featuring Gossard's band and Vince Mira, with proceeds donated to the walk fund.

The Pacin’ Parson’s walk raised over $25,000, and educated many people along the way about Huntington’s Disease, and the need to support efforts to eradicate it.

Stevenson completed the first 10,000 miles of his walk that began in January 2007 in Auburn Washington, and then set out for New York in March of 2008, from the Seattle Space Needle. He made this walk in honor of a close friend who had lost several family members to Huntington’s Disease, and dedicated it to all those who suffer from the effects of the disease.

After the reception at the Cooke Center, Stevenson was bad on the road, heading downtown to the Empire State Building, the end of his journey.

Don is currently making his way back to Seattle Washington where plans are underway to host a welcoming for him. He is already planning to climb Mt. Rainier for HD.

We will post information on the next phase of the Pacin’ Parson’s amazing journeys as soon as specifics are available.


Don Stevenson and wife Loretta at Cooke Center Reception

Stevenson addresses
welcoming crowd