Hello My name is Viviann Schorle, I have been the Easten PA /Delaware Chapter Social Worker for over 2 years.  During my time with HDSA I have encountered many amazing families that deal with HD gracefully every day! When a family calls me for the first time they are filled with questions and worries. My job is to simply listen and help them priorities what their biggest needs are first. I never want a family to feel any more overwhelmed than they have to be. I always let them know that our conversation is one that happens over time and that they are always welcomed to call me at any point in the process. I encourage them to get support through our 5 support groups in the area but also let them know that there is no pressure to join. I believe information is power so I highly encourage them to go onto our National Website to read current information about the supports that exists for the HD community.

 I also share any resources I have with the families because the next question I often get is “Does this provider know anything about HD?”. I am constantly looking for more professionals that not only have HD knowledge but that are willing to learn and be opened to serving the HD community. One of my favorite parts of this job is educating the larger community about HD and the struggles that our families endure. There is nothing like seeing a face that truly understands the challenges of this community and wants to help.

This is a very caring community that truly supports their own! We all live in hope that a cure is around the corner.

Join Viviann and the Eastern PA Chapter this Saturday, May 10 for their Team Hope Walk - Philadelphia. For more information please visit www.hdsa.org/thwphiladelphia (if link does not open please copy and paste on to your browser)

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