Although many people run from HD or are afraid to admit they have HD in their family, we the Viau family decided to do the opposite.  We welcome HD into our lives not because we enjoy it, but because we didn’t have a choice.  We did have a choice whether or not we wanted to do something about it and we choose to do our best.  First by supporting our mother and wife by going to local HDSA events and then by creating our own local Hoopathon (  From the Hoopathon we realized that we are not just doing this for ourselves, but for the many other families affected here in Minnesota.  Through other fundraisers, chapter leadership or teaming with other individuals worldwide we have chosen to get even closer to HD as time goes by.

We now have Debbie (mom/wife) with us in spirit, but she continues to inspire us to stay involved and to provide help and hope for the others coming behind us.  Please join us by finding your position on Team HD by getting involved today so we can find a cure for Huntington’s Disease. 


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