My name is Charley Mashburn and I was a caregiver for Timothy Wayne Conner.  When I first met Tim his disease was barely noticeable.  A little uncertainty in walking but otherwise fine.  We shared a lot of good times.  He needed rides since he couldn't drive anymore. It was no problem to help out.  I didn't know anything about Huntington's just like most people.  After a great deal of research I realized he would need a lot of help.  I made a vow to be a friend to him then.  Things were rough for Tim, but I think others have had it rougher.  I and his other caregiver promised we would never allow him to be put in a nursing home.  We would manage somehow.  We did.

The wonderful thing about Tim is that he never once complained to me.  He was extremely courteous and appreciative.  That taught me the true meaning of dignity and perseverance.  I owe him for that.

Tim died peacefully of natural causes last year.  I miss him more than I ever thought possible.  Although he was only 43 (by 9 days) he made a tremendous impression on people's lives.  I am honored to be called his friend.  











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