My name is Rebecca and my husband Scott Lampton had Huntington’s disease. He was adopted at birth and raised by a loving mother. He never knew his medical history. His mother died in 2001 and he was never close to any of his relatives. Scott started having symptoms in his early 20’s. His chorea movements slowly got worse in his 30’s. After losing his job in April 2008 we found a doctor at a low income health clinic who was caring and wanted to help find out what was wrong with Scott. In June 2008 he was diagnosed with HD.  We were relieved to finally know what was wrong. He was not able to work again. His condition started declining. He was put on xenizine to control his movements. His swallowing got worst so he had a feeding tube put in. His walking and mental condition declined. He was prescribed anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication to control his mood. By summer of 2011 he was requiring 24 hour care. I quit my job to stay home to care for him. Scott went everywhere with me. By fall of 2011 he was in a wheelchair. He was unable to eat except via feeding tube. We called in Hospice in November 2011. He started having a lot of pain. He became bed bound at the end of his life. Scott went home to Jesus on January 14, 2012. Scott was lovingly cared for at home until his death as per his wishes. We need to find a cure for this cruel disease.







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