My name is Michelle Dail. I am a medical student in a combined degree program earning an M.D. and a Ph.D. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was a small child, and now I am finally pursuing that dream. I love soccer, hiking, music, and spending time with my friends and family like any other 26 year old. Unlike most women my age, however, I am also at risk for Huntington disease. My father was diagnosed in 2004, and passed away in 2012 due to secondary factors. When he was diagnosed, I started reading through the scientific research on HD. I was fascinated, and wanted to get involved. After college, I spent two years performing clinical research on another neurodegenerative disorder. Now, in my program, I am poised to perform research on HD with some of the best researchers and clinicians in the field. I had the pleasure of helping the Western PA HDSA chapter with an HD education day at my medical school, where for the first time, I met others affected by HD outside of my family. It was a humbling experience. Hearing the stories from themand others through the online HD communities inspires me to push harder. I want and need to find a cure; not only for the sake of my family or me, but for all of the people and families devastated by this disease. I hope to educate the HD community, as well as the public about the process of HD, the effects, and potential treatments. There may not be a cure yet, and the road may seem long, but stay strong my HD family. Through the rallying support of everyone affected, and the hard work of the scientists and physicians, we will find a cure.