Rick was diagnosed with HD in April, 2006.  We received the test results in the mail that were supposed to have gone to the doctor.  It was late on a Friday afternoon and of course having been raised by an Old School Nurse I knew I couldn’t bother a doctor until Monday.  Perhaps the longest weekend of our lives.  There is no HD in his family, his parents died late in life with no symptoms.  Rick had heard of HD but I hadn’t.  I was completely clueless about the disease.  We quickly learned that information on the internet was not the answer: the people are the answer. 


We jumped in with both feet but I’d be lying if I didn’t say we were absolutely terrified I’d be lying.  However, that went away quickly.  We are members of our local Support Group, attend and chair fund raisers whenever we can and do whatever we can.  My cousin Doug and his wife Joanne who survived breast cancer have completely embraced HD and know everything and everyone that we know.  They dedicate as much time educating people as we do.  This disease cannot be done alone and I never want to find out what we would do without them.   I am proud to say that I am a proud member of the Minnesota Chapter Board and a proud new member of the National Field Committee. 

Rick’s disease has progressed and of course it’s frustrating.  However, he has developed the most incredible sense of humor that makes everyone he is with laugh.  He is now fondly known as “Rickel” because I always said don’t worry, Rick will do it but it came out Rickel do it. I think this picture is a true definition of the funny Rick.