My name is Lizzy Christian and I lost my Father to HD 4 years ago. It's been a difficult week, as his 50th birthday would've been just last week. My Father, Richard Marlin McClelland, JR. also lost his mother and sister to Huntington's, and the reality of the disease needs to be brought to life for those who are unaware. Since he passed, I've created a page on my website called "CURE HD" to help create awareness within my own crowd of friends, family, and clients. Huntington's disease has changed my life - not only am I reminded that I have a 50/50 chance of having it and so does my brother, but it has made us stronger people. We have realized that it isn't a "curse," it's an opportunity to help create awareness and educate our communities so that they will get on board and do the same! I'm amazed at what the Huntington's Society of America does and want to support all of your efforts - I'm so thankful for all you guys, THANK YOU! 

This photo was taken right after running my first half marathon this February. I wish my dad would've been here to see/hear about it, but I'm sure he was looking down from heaven, cheering me on!
















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