Smiles, hugs, laughter, losses, sadness, joy and the greatest of all LOVE, these are what Huntington’s Disease has taught me.  My first experience with HD came when I was eight years old.  My father was diagnosed and endured the 10 year battle with HD.  He never complained, he just loved us and we loved him.  Yes we had to learn new ways to cope, and make life better for Dad; we thought out of the box and made life as full as possible.  Dad left his earthly home in 2009, but his memories and values continue to carry on inside my heart each day.

Next I would find out that HD would be taking my best friend, my sister.  Karissa was diagnosed at the age of fourteen.  Being eleven years old at the time, my world suddenly stopped. HD was taking away two people I loved dearly, and being so young I didn’t think it was fair.  My sister now at the age of 20 continues to fight against this disease, she continues to win she will not lose without a fight. Though HD seems to have a lot of negatives, I try to look for the positive things it has brought to my life. My adventure with HD has introduced me to so many amazing people that I would have never met, it has brought me to so many places that I would have never dreamed of going and to be a part of so many people’s lives that I never thought possible.

As the fight for beating HD continues I will always continue to support and love all those who have been affected. Staying positive and upbeat is the one thing I try to do to help everyone I meet and help keep my sisters sprit up. Though HD did and still does affect my family, we will never let it win!