Joyce Banfield lost her struggle with Huntington’s last Christmas day at the age of 65. Her final years were the embodiment of why we refer to HD as “affecting entire families,” as her husband, daughters, brother, sisters, in laws, and a host of nieces,     nephews and cousins were all taken with her courage in the light of her illness and remember and miss her loving smile. “We will always remember many of the life lessons she taught us. Always give a proper thank you, root for the underdog, help strays whenever you can, just smile, chocolate and ice cream will make you feel better, Elvis Rules, the color green is the best color,     celebrate your birthday all month long    because it is your “birthday month” and that life is precious and fragile.”

Her brother Steven Rogers paid tribute to Joyce in this poem.


Infinite Divisibility Under God

Raindrops strike the top of a verdant tree with waxy green leaves
The raindrops fall to the leaves further in, touching one, then another
Some turn to rivulets, some nurture the very leaves, many run together
It is a strong rain. It is a tree of many leaves.

Some raindrops touch relatively few leaves. Gaining water, they fall quickly
They don’t know their purpose is to feed the roots below
Some touch many leaves, seeming to make the whole tree quiver
Though of course it is the many drops together that make the tree glisten

One drop lands then meets her sisters at the very center of a leaf
With a gentle bow the leaf passes the sisters to the leaf below
They lightly touch then next, and another, eliciting a tiny dance
As leaves they touch react too their caress and pass them on

After some moments the rain passes, leaving the tree with the memory
Rays of sunlight part the clouds, as though the sun can’t wait to See
The tree is bathed in gold, each trail where every drop has been sparkles
What buffets the tree and runs off with a new song of rain on leaves



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