When I found out about Huntington's Disease, I had only been married to my husband a year. My parents sat my husband and I down to tell us that they had finally diagnosed my Nana after years of going from one doctor to the next. We had been told she was a hypochondriac, bipolar, you name it, until one day a doctor said to my family "you know what, we need to test your mom for HD". From there my mom and dad decided it was a good idea for my mom to find out too, they didn't tell us until a year after my mom's positive results. I was a newlywed with dreams of starting a family, and I honestly believe that my husband checked out of our dreams that day! He stood up, walked out the front door, and didn't come back for hours. He says he had to think, I couldn't think. So now I have to share that there are two days that will stay with me throughout my entire journey through HD; the day we found out that I was gene positive in that little room at the University of San Francisco with the social worker, then eight years later, the day my husband decided he couldn't and wouldn't be the one that would take care of me anymore. You see families that are touched with HD struggle. It is not just about the person who has it, but it also affects the person that they are married to, live with, or are family members of. HD effects how you make life decisions. I think my husband never believed he could handle it. He wanted the white picket fence and the 3.25 kids and instead he got me with HD. Not everybody is strong enough to handle that!!!! As much as I am scared that I am alone right now, somehow I will get through it and I know that my true family and friends will be there every step of the way , I have found an amazing supportive community through Zumba fitness....They have become like my family.....One of the blessings of being an Instructor is I can hold classes twice a week where I work and donate the money I make to HD research.  My heart knows that somebody will be able to step up with the strength to hold me up!!! But until then, it’s me....:) just a face of HD~~~~

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