Allow me to introduce Henry, my loving husband of 34 years and an
incredible father of five. He was diagnosed positive, with a 44 count,
two years ago but has been symptomatic for 4 years. Before he was
officially diagnosed with HD, he was misdiagnosed with depression,
restless leg syndrome, turrets and everything in between.

Henry has not let this illness get the best of him! Although he
struggles with losing his independence a little more every day, he is a
fighter and will not give up finding the ways to keep himself going. He
loves sharing his time with our children and family members, bowling,
gardening, watching sports and even his treadmill! He cares for our
dogs (3 crazy dogs) and tries to take care of himself the best he can.

He doesn't go a day without telling me, “I love you”. In fact on his 50th Birthday he announced to our guests that he wanted to marry me all over again. How can I not love this man? He is worried about me. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think, "How can I ever make it a day without him." However, we will move forward by staying informed with treatments and/or clinical trials that are available and work with our local HDSA Chapter and Advocacy group to help Henry live his life to the fullest and pray there will be a cure very soon.

We love you Henry,
Sonia, Sylvia, Suzanne, Edgar, Oscar and Christopher.

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