Meet Heather

My daughter Heather Ashley Milner, who is now my Heavenly guardian angel, lived with Juvenile Onset HD from about age 14.  Looking back we could see signs as early as 11 or 12 but she was not diagnosed until age 18.  She received the HD positive gene from her father who passed away from HD at age 40.  But this is not about how she died; this is about how she lived!

Heather never met a stranger, she was quick to give a hug to anyone and her face and smile lit up a room when she walked in.  She was giving, kind to others and loved animals.  She especially had a fondness for turtles, frogs and lizards.  In fact, she had a special turtle that we had for nearly 12 years and she passed away shortly after Heather did in November of 2012.   I believe that she wanted her turtle to be with her in Heaven, that’s just who Heather was.

Heather was an athletic child and teenager.  She ran track and participated in tumbling and trampoline teams in her elementary and junior high years.  She was an excellent student and a teacher’s dream! She was quiet and shy until she got to know a person then opened up like a flower. 

She was a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and excelled in her memory work and earned many awards and recognition for both her excellence in performance and her community service to others. 

Heather was loved by so many and we miss her terribly.  Her 2 year old niece “Little Heather” was named in her honor and has big shoes to fill for sure!

She lived with honor and dignity and was a blessing to all who loved her and cared for her through this horribly difficult time.  She was brave and fought to the very end.   We love you baby girl.  See you again one day. 

Love, Mom