My daughter’s husband tested positive for HD over ten years ago.  They have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, my granddaughter, Kelly who tested negative (prenatally), thank you.   It is difficult and sad to watch their struggle as a family and as individuals.  My experience has taught me two things.  First, it is a reminder that no matter how I wish otherwise, I cannot protect my family from painful experiences in their lives.  I can only be a caring support person.   As a Dad and Granddad and father-in-law, this is difficult to accept.  Second, there are some things I can do, like advocate with my elected representatives on behalf of the HD Parity Act.  We worked together on this and are encouraged by our successes.   It is a small thing to do in the overall perspective.  But many small efforts can equal big changes down the road.  I am confident that the changes will come. 



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